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Transcribed by Jessica White.

Page 1

[Page 1] 3rd 12-29

Tuesday.  Bridge Rd Market

Battersee [Battersea]

Opposite, a chapel. corner

of Simpson st

a Vegetabel Stall

Holder abuse me as he usually do.

he take me for an

Indian & he has been

a soldjer in India

going in to the market

& coming out of the

streets I was pelted&

Hooted & spit at by

Stall Holders

P.C. Sergent & P.C.

Inspector & a P.C.

watched me very

closely for some time

no much trading.

Page 2

Wednesday 4.12-29

Burdet Rd [Burdett Road, near Limehouse] Stall market poor

no competition. Fine day.

much shirricking as I pass

stall.  Thus Valla Vall Va-la.

Succka Bona, wash yourself

White.  Arabs should be

mascard [massacred].  Go to India. he

is dowing well in this country

(yet I am starving.) & they know.

[unclear] P.C.s were watching me


Younger police men aproched

me later and acosted me

as an Indian.  Spoke in Indian

as I could not answer him in

Indian Language.  I answerd him

in English. but he kept on in

English, Blagarding the Indians

they wer only allowed to come near a

white man to clear his Boots &

Etc Etc of the usual.

Page 3

Thursday 5-12-29

Heavily raining attempted

trading.  Montigue [Old Montague St, nr Brick Lane] stall market

about the streets Wentworth [which becomes Old Montague Street]

But no good.

I was subjected at Breakfast

& at dinner time at the Salvation

lodging Middelsex st by

young Irish men & mootchers

that generally Hang about

Pelting Paper wads & dirty

remark Indians & Niggers

amongst white men.

to the general amusement of

the Rest of the crowd, who generally

supported the Ruffians.

Bed 263 very Hostil last night

for the third time all because I

would not talk to him or any.

And the Bad cold I got through

sleeping on a piss soaked

mattress.  I reported many times

but no use.

Page 4

Friday 6.12-29

Not wet.  Rathbone Stall market [near Canning Town]

as every where jew domanating.

People very emacated Children

Exhausted for want of nurishment.

The same Jew making fun

of me to the Peopel. This happens

every time I visit.  As I told

him if his behavour did not

sees I would give him what he

deserved.  The Jew’s have done

what they will with the white

man.  but he would not do the Same

with the Black Englishmen. 

The same jew & others make a

Scape Got of the Indians that [unclear]

I gave a white man at Salvation army

food 7d ticket to get a meal. he was

chewing a dry crust.  As he had

no knife or fork. I gave him 2d to

get them on deposit & Return the

2d when he is done.  But he did not

He kept the money

Page 5

Saturday 7.12-29

Welsh St Stall market.  Very poor.

very Windy.  But not cold.

Dinner at a restaurant. as

soon as I entered Half Blind Jew

(a match seller) commenced

making indigent Remarks.  This

he do where ever he see me.

even on [Thams?].  So I spoke to him

not to continue, as I have no wish

to get into any troubel over him.

the Whole of the peopel in the Restaurant

enjoyed & favered him [unclear] & Etc.

Three policmen spoke to me

in Indian Language, & there

opinion allone is enough to

convinc British Brutality

in India.

At the Salvation army Lodging

the white young man I gave

worth of 7d food tickets because

the usual British Insolence for

he thinks I am to be [unclear]

Page 6

Sunday 8.12-29

Rain & showers.  Market

Watney St stall

Very dull Trade.  P.C. agrisive

after a Stall Holder my

former enemy spoke to

the P.C. 393.H

The Stall Holder’s Brother

again, insolent & boycoting

Saying he took my Brother’s

address.  The Black Bastard.

how am I to earn my living

for I am bared from every

market st trading in

the Streets of London By P.C.

& no use appealing to

the P.Stations. Usal answer

Go back to your country.  We

dont want you in England

if you answer them. if you

don’t go you will be put in

Page 7

The Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd page

has Sliped off from the Book & I copy the Same

Sunday 1.12.29

Wet all most the whole day.

Watney St Stall Market.

Much boycot & insolent remarks

by Stall Holder’s.

Irish & Jew’s Women including

By the man & his kind, once

through a police man I took his

name & address with the intention for

summoning persistent Boycot & Insolent Remarks

[unclear] the matter.  I went to the

Commercel [Commercial] St P.Station.  There I saw

Detective Inspecter about it. &

he advised me not to take it before

a majistrate.  But he would see

about it. & I kept away from the

market for fear of him.

A man claiming to be his Brother

attempted to asult me in

Wentworth St as I was going to

my Loddging.  he is got lot of money

Page 8

Monday 2nd Dec. 1929

Green St Stall Market [between East and West Ham].  allmost

all day wet.

Very seavear Boycot. hardly

any trade

I was hunted out of a side

street from sheltering from

rain.  By the order’s of a Jew

Banna Seller – opposite the


Two Jew’s young man followed

me & threatened me up to

the tram lines, where I took the

tram (about Last [unclear] [unclear])

The Buss Conducter’s Bard

me. Saying no Niggers.

You would be allowed in


Page 9

9-12-29 Monday

Very wet day about

Whitechapel.  Not one

penney taken.

where ever I took shelter

Irish cockney, or Irish

men followed. & the would

talk about India in a Niggardly

manner.  They have been

Soldiering in India, & very

Hostiel to me.  They are

under the impreson I

am doing well in this

country. & I should Spend

money on them they often

ask me to stand drinks

insted of hating these Whites

I am allmost every day

give to children, women & men

some money, food or Toys.

Not out of fear. But out of

my Black Heart. that England

Page 10

10-12-29 Tuesday

Tottenham Court Rd

[Sexton?] St Stall Market. Not

very Bad trading there are


The moment I got out of the

Tram & on to the pavement

some Irish council Employes

passing saw me, & they

cursed me, The Indian

Bastard, dowing the White

man ought of his Bread.

On the Tram coming & going

was subjected [unclear] from

conducter’s & Passenger’s

who were (Genaralley Indian

African [unclear] and

Arab ex soldier’s) Remarks

he wouldn’t be allowed amongst

white men dirty Black dogs

aught to be extrimated [exterminated?], we

have to keep them & Etc Etc

Page 11

11-12-29 Wednesday

Stratford Stall Market

Very dull no competition

(a [perfect?] Boycot). Workers

midday passing much

insolent remarks. about

forigner’s & Black Bastards

are dowing well in this

country & Etc Etc

Went to a working man’s

restaurant.  The moment

I entered, the whole crowd

Started remarks, Laughing &

all Becaus I am a Black.

A young P.C. kept a

serching Watch on me after

a Sergent & a Stall holder

Spoke to him

Going & coming from Stratford

to E.C. I was subjected to

much insolents from the

conducter.  He & ex Indian Sold [soldier]

Page 12

12-12-29 Thursday  Fine

Burdet Rd Stall Market

Not much good. the

Jews are combined & Hostiel

for I am an arab to them.

The Christian are too poor

& easly follows the Jew.

At the Salvation Army

Loddging. Middelsex St

at a Specal meeting I

was pointed out by the

[unclear – Stucal?] man – Brigadear –

& at the meeting I was

called a Black Pig by

the convert’s.

Wentworth St Maxwell

the Jew Cheesmonger &

Fruit Stall along side

his, continue to boy-

cot me to the customers

Page 13

13-12-29 Friday  Fine day

By P.C. 1023N told enimity

Bakers Arms Stall Market [Bakers Ave near Walthamstow]

in popalar Rd [Poplars Rd] seaver Boyott.

Did not take Tram expences.

Much Insolenc from employer

of the Tram & Buss who have

been in India & Palastine as

Soldier’s.  Coming Back I was

Subjected to much heated

Insolenc from an ex Indian

Soldier.  Becaus I could not

answer him in Indian when

he spoke to me in Indian

Language.  Another abused me

as an arab.

Bed 263 with his usual

Inconveneanc of Being contrerey

in movement, sticking his

[har’s?] over my face [unclear]

I requested him to get into bed

from other sid[e], he said he wouldn’t

so I forced by his shaulders &

the whole white Tribe against me.

Page 14

14-12-29 Saturday

Broadway St Stall Market [not far from where AMF died]

Hackney Marses N.V. Bad

This morning some one Stole my

handkerchif after I washed

it from the Wash house, there

wer Irish element of old and young.

I saw it in the hand of an Irish

young man while at Breakfast

I wisley said nothing & I lost

my Belt in the same manner.

I Saw, Native of Ceylon as I came out of

the Salvation Lodging.  He told me, he is

[Tramped?] Great Brittan & been to colonial office

India Office. he been & explained his

hardship, he is forced to under go as

he is (Black) not allowed to be employed

& he has no black peopel Setteled that he

could go to. & He wished the would send

him back. (So have I) They threatned

him & turned him out neither would

give him a British Passport.

I gave him usefull advice.

Page 15

15-12-29 Sunday

Broadway St Hackney Marsh

Stall market.  Wet morning.

Much hostiel Nature from Jew’s

& Jew’s born here.  Hustel me out

of my standing by there number’s

& jearing me as an Indian to the

Passer’s & would be customer’s

Go to India, eat your currey &

Rice.  Come here & dowing us out

of Bread.  They live on a handfull

of rice & take the money out of

the country. he is dowing well he

is loaded with money. (Yet I

am allmost starving). Hardley

any Trade.

I saw a groop of Indians they

listened to my experience of the

British Schum.  But as I am

not a Mohomedean or a Hindoo

they were both supices & fear

of me.

274 Bed & the Bed at the Head flooded

my Bed with piss.

Page 16

Monday 16-12-29

This morning again an attempt

was made to rob my Trading

pack & Handkerchief by

the Irish Element as I

saw it. (it was a joke)

Very Large made Irishman (much

Tattoed) was blocking the doorway in

the wash house, he saw me.  So I

asked him let me pass when he

replied you, you Black Bastard, I

challanged him. but he made way

& would not accept. 17.12.29 morning

market near abbey arms. No good

Pla[i]stow. The Jew’s done me out

of my standing & [unclear] me to

the crowed, as an Alien, dowing

the white man out of his bread. &

the crowd, supported him in Glee.

I went to buy some bred, I was refused

I went to buy some cakes for dinner

I was subjected much jearing.

I went to eat it with a bear [beer] where

I was made a mark by Jew Barman.

Page 17

Tuesday 17-12-29

Lambeth Walk Stall Market.

Keen boycott.  Jew’s Promenent.

did not take expences.

I was Refused Dinners at

Charleys Restaurant.

Young P.C. Very active after

me. [Till?] P.C. Serjent wer


Comming & Going fro[m] Aldgate

by the under ground I was

subjected much Snubing &

remark’s (they wouldent be allowed

in America. Or any other country

in the [unclear] with white men

England is too free.)

I was much Insulted by

Barrow Venders & passer’s

why don’t you have a wash

when did you last wash

by Jews & Gentiels in Wenworth St

No Trade.  P.C. [wer?] amused.

Page 18

18-12-29  Wednesday  Fog

White Savage everey

where.  Open Violence & [unclear]

in whitechapel Rd. crowed

Jew’s & all. wer for my

tormenter, all becaus I

I selling toys.  A Black man

is not allowed to be employed

in any capacity [unclear]

or [shose?].  This morning

I wer blagarded in the wash

house & the [unclear] [unclear].

Fog not cold. Wentworth st

much insolent P.C. [unclear]

asking questions as [unclear].

Watney St Stall market.

Hostel nature by

former enemy. he is

[trading?]. the P.C. aid

Page 19

Thursday 19-12-29 Fog morning Fine day

Crisp St Stall market.  Near

Blackwall Tunnel.

Seavear boycott, Jew’s Hustel me

out of every stand I stood.

These are Jew Trade watcher’s who

are there to watch the Trading

& Report to the Jew’s organisation

No body but the Jew must do the Trade

They will come & under sell.  The

first Jew’s Shop will suply the

matereal.  They do this cutting

out scheeming in joke’s, & Laughter

& scape-goating the crowd, & the

outsider. in apearenc there

Sympithy & Friendship as [unclear –less].

& the Police are ever ready to serve them.

(I was an Indian. Niggar. Arab. African

an Allian Black Bastard. whom England

got to keep.)  any attempt to explain

is waist.We blacks are Bard & Bolted out of

earning a living, & our self [unclear]

to live is made a crime.

Page 20

Fine day

20-12-29 Friday

a very bad night of caughing

I called on 3 Releving officers. Before

I found the right. After much

talking & questioning he turned

out all Right with Letter to

Dr [Secauss?] Private adress in

[unclear] St [R Formales?] after feasting

there Eyes on the Black they [Banged?]

the door, I insisted & younger

Female. took & opened the letter

with no frindly feeling.  And

an old male [dozy?] after

his [unclear] of ill nature he signed

the slip of admission to Bow Infirmary

where I was by 12.30

It is men nurses, go as you please


This 8 30AM. Saturday I have

not seen a Dr

Caughing very Bad.  Sleeping

draught & Caugh mixture.

Page 21

Bow Infirmery wet day

21-12-29 Saturday

1st Ward, there wer laid out old men

& a Cina man, who are to come out

of that Ward to the grave (in all apearanc)

for they wer neglected by the

male nurses.  When recquested

by the sick the answer is I am

busey now. (ex Indian Soldjers)

2nd ward full of [unclear] from the

[sorer?] of the pations.  My cough

very Bad.  (It was 32 Hours before the Dr came)

Dr came after 4 P.M. Care

less examanation.  But very

[munute/minute?] questioning about

Australia. & my private &

personal.  I made answer whites

wer Australian’s & me not.

And it was said Dr was an

Australian.  So

As I have escaped Britis

Butcher & England’s [Lagarracy?]

so far that I would not [give?]

this [unclear] murder the chance [unclear] it.

Page 22

Sunday 22-12-29

Morning wet.  half a day trading

in Wentworth St & Mile end White-

chapel Rd

Christians much schiriking

& Boycotting, a few Jew’s Bought

some thing.  Very Poor, & ill.

I was subjected much insolenc

from employed jail Birds at the

Salvation army Hostell in

Middelsex St all Becaus

the mattress of my bed was

taken away & piss Soaked

mattress put in its place

this was the 3rd time & Becaus

of that I am suffering from

this Bad cold.

after much insolenc by them

& Reporting an old man of

the Staff put a very dirty

mattress in the Place of the

piss soaked one & Promised a

Better one tomorrow.

Page 23

Monday 23-12-29

up to 2 P.M. not wet.

Rath Bone Stall market.  Jew

Hostielaty.  They would have

no one but themselves live.

I gave some Poor children

Some toyes & farthings also

to women & Children too Poor

to buy.  This set the Jew’s

& others against me.

See he is dowing all Right

he gets it off us, the Black

Bastard, aught to be sent to

his country.  Not come here

to do white man ought.

I am dowing no trade.  Since

last July when I Stared

Trading & had £7.15.  Now

Even with all my care I have

not 19s yet I try wet or

Fine from day light to dark

at Salvation army they are

Waiting as an Hungury Tiger.

I am Ill.  Cough & Feverish

Page 24

24-12-29 Tuesday-

Well’s St Stall Market [not far from Tottenham Court Road]

Sevear boycot, I was

used by Jews & gentiel to

further the Empire makeing

[Scheem?].  No matter who I

changed to they were after me

like fly’s to the milk.

I was asulted 3 times, on

tram & about the Streets, Beside

the usual liberal insolenc

No. 274, & 252 Piss their Beds

& they have changed the mattres

of my bed 4 Times.  Becaus I

insisted in having my mattres

changed to a dry one.  The

274 Bed man called me a

black Bastard, aught to be

hunted out of here & the

Country long ago

My caugh us very Bad

I hardly got strength to walk


Page 25

25-12-29 Wednesday –

No Rain Dull

Watney St Stall market Very Poor

Boycott.  Buy of a white man

P.C. Very keen on me in

Aldgate High St others Free

Wentworth St & Golston [Goulston] St

the only Place I am not

molasted in Great Brittan

for som time.  But very

Scharp boycott, By the Jews

& Hybrid Jews.

Salvation Loddgin in Middelsex St

Official’s are anxious to Rid

of me.  The Loddger’s of the

Irish element marked Insolenc

even in bed  again I am

called a Black bastard & Etc

By the Bed 274 he also piss

the Bed again which Run

under my Bed & Soak every

thing that’s under my Bed.

I have said nothing to him.

Page 26

26-12-29  Thursday

Very Bright day Cold Wind.

Burdet St Stall Market.

Jew’s Children Baught some

thing.  But not the dolls.

Walk about Whitechapel Rd

I was subjected to Insolence

and attempted asult by

gentiels.  P.C. saw, But

walked away.

In the Tram I was taken for an

Indian.  By conducter & moter-

man. & Subjected much

Indiganant Saying’s, which

amused the Females & the male’s

also joined in Blagarding the

Indians.  I am Exhausted from

coughing.  Feverish. All my nerves

in Trembel.  No rest.

Salvation army refused to Warm

a littel milk I baught.

I have no means what ever from

this Land of Savages.

Page 27

27-12-29 – Friday

Green St Stall Market [near Upton Park]

Bright & Sunny day

Very Poor Trade, much

Shiriking My Beard Pulled

P.C. 2 Young Keeping watch

behind stalls.

Many women answred

Children, Buy off our own

Walked over to the Jew.

Mile end Whitechapel Rd

& about houses Streets

about houses

No Trade at all. boys &

girls you Arab go away

from here.

I saw 3 diferent lots of

P.C. Shareing out their

[tips?] quite a common

thing.  P.C. Serjent’s & Inspecter


Where Jew trade.

Page 28

28-12-29 Saturday

My head is very aching &

dizy, The whole of my

Nerves are in vibaration

& Exhausted from coughing

I am short of my weekly

Loddgin rent

I must trade other-

wise I would rest.

White Lion St Stall Market E.C. [near Angel]

No opposition at first

as soon as I began to

sell, a Jew shopkeeper

Sent 2 mootcher’s who

stood each side of me

& I done no [unclear]

trade.  They wer selling

cheaper than I could

buy.  Salvation army

Loddger’s are waiting to

take me to pices.

Page 29

Sunday 29-12-29

Broadway St Hakney [Hackney]

Marsh. Stall Market

no competition But

Fair trading.

Conductor of the Tram

very Hostel refferance

about India.  He has

been a Soldier in

India, As I am an

Indian, he stoped the

Tram & ordered me

out.  Fine Bright

day.  Windy.

Midday Rain.

I was pelted & insolent

& called a Black Bastard

by Irish & Jew half


Caugh very Bad. Very


Page 30

Monday 30-12-29

Wet drip all day – Wentworth St &

about Trading

all night caugh very Bad

Half Blind Jews & Irish

abused me in the dining

Hall becaus I was a black

Thretened to expell me from

this Loddging, Black Bastards

aught to be linched.  they don’t

allow them in America

all Beacus I dont talk to any

one; or mix with them

& threat them to Bear’s [beers] & Etc.

I saw in wentworth St a poor

Woman & 4 Raged [ragged] Bare feet

Hungury Children hunted

away from sheltering By

men & women Jews

& England’s men & Woomen

were amused.  I gave the

youngest child 2d which

was not taken up by the Peopel

Page 31

31-12-29 Tuesday 31-12-29

Fine & Bright Windy.

Wells St Stall Market

Not much opposition

Very Slow Trading much

Shiriking by ex Soldiers

from China & India

pulled my Beard &

take me for any country

of there Whims, & Blagarded me

also for a Italian.

At the Salvation Army Lodging

I had to take off my coat

Becaus of persistentley

Being Bullied & call

a Black Bastard & Etc but

he & his gang turn tail

& promised me violance


A cockied Salvation army

worker called me a dog

& other Similar names.

Page 32

Wednesday 1-1-30 Wet day

Watney St Stall market

as there is not

allowed to stop

after 1/2 9 o’clock

I with my cough

suffer very much

for I am oblidged

to dodge the White

Savage that delight

in Blagarding & Etc

the Black man

[Induverdgley?] the Black

man must not

defend himself. For

Nationaly he has no


Page 33



all day Fine Seaten Rd [poss. Sutton Row]

Near Tottenham Court Rd

stall market.  Fair Trade

opposition, P.C. Contnually

harasing & watching me

Especelly when I made a sail

There are forigner’s about

this market.  Not all together


I attempet to Speak to

Some Indians about the Latest

move of British Slaughter

Scheem in India

(The Lord Irwin’s Proclamation)

But they flee from me

as an pestelance.

Britance present move

of Slaughter in Asia

was designed in 1870 or

there about, After 1914 war

England Bended Europe to her


Page 34

Friday 3-1-30

Bright & Warm day Old Ford.

Roman Rd stall market [near Bethnal Green]

Very very Dull & much

provocation (remarks)

All night No 263 bed stiring

Strife against other Bed’s

me, with a view to Shunt

me from this Salvation Army

Lodging. he said so many times

all becaus I would not enter

into conversation with him

or any one else

My Cough & Feverish nature

got me very week. & the whole

of my body is a contunual

tumbel.  As there is no

place to rest a while I am

oblidged to take to the

street’s by 9.30. A.M.

[&?] I seek shelter any where, there

I am follow up with the [England?]


Page 35

Saturday 4-1-30

Bright & Warm till 2PM

Plastow [Plaistow]. Near Abbey Arms.

Very prominent By saying

hardly any Trade Some

One allways watching

me, & Pass remarks at

any one who baught of me

By it off a white man, you

would sleep with him to

night & etc

I cam to East End Waist

Whitechapel. No sooner

I began trading I was

subjected to much Insolenc

all becaus I am a black

& Trading.  I was asulted

with a walking stick

by an ex Indian soldier

I took the stick away &

knocked him down &

walked away. he kept on following.

This is England.

Page 36

Sunday 5-1-30

Fine day warm Very good Trading

No one Else competing many

Baught Becaus of the children [crying?]

P.C.Very watchfull.  after a P.C.S

spoke with them the P.C. did not

haras me

Earl St Near Seven dial [Earlham Street, Covent Garden] Sunday

done away with. Except for the

Jew & Italian Shopkeepers.

Charles St (Kings Cross) St all

market also done with. But

the Jew & Italian Shop Keepers

are contenuing.  much

Shireking from them, the Jew’s

wer very jelousley watching

my trading.  These two markets

are mainly Forigner’s, & when

ever I traded in the above 2

Street’s I allways did Better than

any other part of Great Brittan.

They are closed now.

Page 37

Monday 6-1-30  to D. Jones Esqr

I am sending these daily

notes to you, that you may

be abel, from your Great

Education & British Habits

youse them in your idel hours

compose something out

of these notes.

For a Black man who are

compeled by British arms

who are not Shot down outright

or Exsausted to death by

hard work & Slow Starvation

Are out lawed, & hunted as

a made dog, & murded

by Slow Starvation, &

Ravhishing the defenc less &

help less women & children

and England dont stop at

that, By the force of her

cowardly arms, She blagard

the good name of the Victims who

gave all She has, out of good nature.

Page 38

The Savage Glee of

of the Cannebelistic

feast of the Slaughter

of the Inocent Babys of

Bethelaham, Wer kept

up by the Christian

in great Gusto every


Even in their Rag’s

& Lice they wer

Voicefarating & Rejoycing

the Barbarick Slaughter

of the Babys

of Bethaleham by

Blagardin the Black they

the came across. [Codey’s?] [Lascars?]

or niggar & Etc wer their gusto.

Page 39

[From this point the journal is upside down, with the writing starting from the back cover, working inwards].

25th December 1929

Every where seen Drunken

Glee, open Imorality

I was abused by men

& Women & Children more

today than usual.

My Beard was pulled

I was kicked at & pelted

Hooted by children

Jew’s baught some

Toy’s of me.

The Black Bastard, the

Indian aught to be killed

We got to keep them in

there country & we are

starved to keep them.

He is dowing all Right

he will live on a handfull

of Rice, & Takes away our

mone[y] to India & Etc.

The Savage glee of the Slaugh[ter]

Page 40

The Moases Invented God –

is a creater of the Body

(Living Flesh) not a Spiritual.

Jew is the Enemy of mankind

Blood succer of Humanity

His wepin’s are weeping and

scheming, to win the

Sympathy of the [unclear]

& when won to make a

scapgot of the Simpathisers

From one end of the Bibel to

the other. The character

is evil designs to [unclear] [unclear]

the Trusting & the Inocent

The Jew, like the Spong [unclear]

succs up the [unclear] its

Fill & no more. (The Spong)

But the Jew’s Gluteny is

end less.

Page 41

Christianity came into being

by Slaughtering the Inocent

Baby’s of Bethleaham & Virtue

And Excists by Slaughtering

Inocent & Godlike peopel

of Asia.  The unarmed Peopel

who worship a Spiritual God


Kindly deed’s Begoten of

Goodly thaughts.

Goodly Thaughts Begoten of

Nobel Ideal’s

Novel Ideal’s, Begoten of

High Aspirations

High Aspiration’s Begoten

of the Sacred Spiritual

Being, Good God, [Conscence]

There for Christin brutality

has Riden ruff shod over these

God Worshiping People of Asia

Page 42

do you Hear the Scream’s

Wailing & moanings of the Women

as they rushed to tear the cruuel

murderer to pices

Do you see how the cruuel

murderer’s, how then these

help less mother’s, aunties

Grandmother’s etc. hew them

down left & Right.

Do you see & hear how the

Farther’s Brothers uncles,

Grandfarther’s & Etc with a

revengefull roar pushed to

avenge their baby’s & Women-

folk.  How they were moved

down & draged away in chains

for further punishment.

Do you see the sleeper’s of

Betheleam runing with the

Inocent Blood of the Inocent &

the help less.

This is the Rejocing of the Savage

Glee of the Christians.

Page 43

Paul the [Rapscullian’s?]



Christinity came in to being

by Slaughtering the Inocent Babys

of Bethelam, & in like

maner it exists

By slaughtering the Godlike

Inocent & Benevolent [Benefictus? = beneficiaries?]

of England.  Native’s of Australasia

Natives America, & Africa

India, Etc etc All Asiatics

On the birth day of Christ

all the Baby’s from 1 day to 3 years

of age wer Slaughtered

Could the Belzebum himself

desire a more becoming Wellcom

Do you hear the scream’s of the Babys

Do you hear the thuds of the Body

& the head, fall upon the tormented

mothers Breast, as they wer

cut off by the Herrod’s butchers

Page 44

2. Christian Protest Committee

Howard Hotel

[Norfolk?] Street W.C.2 [there is a Howard Hotel in WC2 but no Norfolk street]

call for contribution

in Russia’s atempt to

reedem it self From

Christian &

Jews Devilery

1. The Secretary the

This is the 2nd Full Book

of my daily notes I have

Forwarded by Post to you

The First on 3/12/29.

When you finished with it

It may Be [unclear] information

to the above address.

Page 45

Those Who Embrace the

Teaching of Moses the Jew.

Jew can live with Every-


No Body can live with the Jew

Christinatey is the Hybrid

of Jewdesum [Judaism]

There for its being is a


Filth in adoration

Lice in profusen

White man’s adolation

Murder & plunder in [exploration?]

Blasting the good name of who

Trustfull Victim

King Georges comadation

The Christian Propagation

12-12-29 Daily Mail

British commison in Palastine