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Transcribed by Jessica White.

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Thursday 5 Dec 1929

From A. M. Fernando

To D Jones Esq

Most Honered Sir

I am still in the Land of the Living & that's about all.

I am enclosing a daily Diary of my time, Beliving that it will give you a better in sight to the Situation of a blackman in England.  I hope you will be abel to understand it. Beliving yourself & Mrs Jones is in the best of health, & had a good harvest. Wishing you & Mrs every thing of the very Best Greatfully thanking you for the many fold unselfish kindnesses I beg to remain your Humbel & Faithfull servent

A.M. Fernando

Page 1

Saturday October 26 1929

Barking Brodway [poss Broadway, in Barking, near East Ham]

Go to your country

Bk Bastard

East Ham

wash your face

Upton Park wash

your face dirty Sod

Laytonstone [Leytonstone]

Don’t buy of him

I will buy of a


Stratford.  Boycot

Whiteman on [line?]

Whitechapel waist too Late

Page 2

Sunday 27-10-29

Middsex St Jews & P.C. Hosteil

Lambeth Walk [sth of Waterloo] much

Shiriking V. Bad

Mild End Waist mootchers

Women & men Insolent. [Threat]

Go to your country you Bck Bstd

We got to keep you & Such

Salvation Army Pointedley

(many time) not [necasry/necessary?]

to be at the meeting, & also

how benevolent.  Th S Army

I spoke to every one of the

officers & men about my

piss soaked bed the[y]

promised but left it

as it was.

I cannot help thinking the[y]

are hunting me [unclear].

Page 3

Monday 28-10-29

Watney Street & Hasel&

Wentworth St.  Rain V.V. Bad

High St Whitechapel P.C. Hunted

Samboo Be off.  (it was Rain

Salvation Armys –

The Drunked Harbour

Scoundrels Home

Scamps Club

Morality & Justice [Gaolers]

Filth in adoration

Lice in profusion

Huming & Buming

Buming & Huming

Murdering & Plundering

Plundering & Slaughtering

is the s[c]heeming and

Greed of England

Page 4

Tuesday 29-10-29

Hauxton [Hoxton]. Much Boycot

Why don’t you go to India

not come here to do a whiteman


Wentworth St.  A Jews

her children wanted the toys

wer [sulking?]. I [?]rew not off the

Black Sod.

Corner of Wentworth & Goulston

street.  I was pelted with a

rotten pair [pear].  P.C. Inspector&

a Policeman Saw the pair

laying on the Ground, and

apeard to be amused with

the stall oposite Godine [goading?] I

suspect for they wer selling

that same sort of pears

Once beg[?] a small new

unclear].  Maxwell the Jew

many times & also persistent Boycot

Page 5

Wednesday 30-10-29

Burdet Rd much boycott

Hostiel Shop women & Stall [hold?]

P.C. kept a continual Watch.

Whitechapel Waist Saw JS30

he looked Vishes [vicious?], after he

passed 2 [unclear] P.C.s Looked

Strangely. I kept on walking

up & down.

Wentworth street Jews

Tray Wender [vendor?] told me to go

to my country. not come

to England & take there

Bread away.

& he also spoke like [unclear]

to a white English woman

that work for Jews & sell

toys for herself [throug?] the


Page 6

Thursday 1-10-29

Bridge St Market Battersea

is under repair.

I was subject to much

shiriking & told by women

& men pasing get off

Black thing.

Trams would not stop

went pass Laughing

I was boycotted by the passer’s

by walking along the Road

told a woman & chiled [child?]

who was buying toys off me

& the[y] did not buy.

Southhawk [Southwark] becaus a Woman

with a chiel baught toys

of me.  Some men said she

will sleep with him to

night.  There was a Toyshop

littel way from me.

Page 7

Friday 2nd 11-29

Roman Rd not off him.  Bk Bd

Buss would not Stop.

Go to your country.

Wentworth St & Mile End Waist [West?]

Jews [Bet?] Gentiel’s & the Jews

wer pleasd. they take me for

an Arab.  Many said I should be


The white pincpel [principal?] is to in

conveneance [inconvenience] a black man

at all time & the croweded

will suport & the Law of

England’s Back’s them

Page 8

Saturday 3-11-29

[Wallen?] Green North End Rd [poss North End Rd going into Hampstead Heath?]

Very slow, on the tram

Charley white, goto

your Country, you

would be Killing your

selves, we got to keep

the likes of you

Page 9

Sunday 4-11-29

Watney St Slow a Jew felt my

bum & I tackeld him, But the

Rest of the Jew’s & Whites wer up

against me. & alo Wentworth St

Salvation Army & its [moths?]

Page 10

Monday 5-11-29

Burdet Rd Not 1 Penny.

Wells St Sevear Boycot.

A white man came by me

& Sold things 1/2 dearear. he

did a good Trade.

Wentworth St I was [unclear]

But hardly any Trade.

Filth is adoration

Lice in prostuition

White mans adolation

no matter where you

sit or look lise [lice]

crawlel [crawl] on you&

the smell of flirth

every where.

Page 11

Tuesday 6-11-20

Sexten St Market.  Tottenham

Court Rd. Police husteled me

but not others. (White)

High St Camden Town

Police husteled me&

then told me I cannot

stop in that market,&

I am not allowed.

Salvation Lodge

A white man is in

the habit of pissing his

bed I have recquested

to have my bed changed

for it run under my

bed and has soaked my

cloths & my mattress

is exchanged for his

but no heed has been

taken from every

[the rest is unclear]

Page 12

Wednesday 7-11-29

Rain. [unclear] at

Wentworth St usual


Salvation army

Specal meeting.

International Collage

cadet.  Coon not

singing.  I was the only

Black man

& they spoke Blacks wer

as Savages & Inferior things

Filth in adoration

Lice in profueson

White man’s [Grandiosen?]

the Christian adolation

Page 13

Thursday 8-11-29

Burdet Rd a new

police man watchd

me, hiden & came to

me and told me I

was not allowed to

work in the market.

Wentworth St Jew’s

women said [unclear] to go

to his own country

& Baught off another

White man

Page 14

Friday 9-11-29

Caning Town market [Canning Town]

very [Strange?] the P.C

consulted a Serjent

& Left me alone.

as I was buying

my stock.  this&

Jews said these

aliens aught to

be deported for

they come here to

do the white man

[unclear] of a living

Page 15

Saturday 10 11-29

[Lucerns?] Cresent, Hampsted.

Very [Dragey?]. Much Insolent

of the usual from half Bread

Jews & Irish. & Set children

for to bully me. 2 Women

offered one penny each at different

time, and I notice that an

P.C. came out of a shop, or from

behind a stall.  I have

been wondering. the above

to move refered move.

And Women & men in a pub

where I went to get a drink of Beer

I was told to get to hell out of

England.  that England go to

keep us & Civalised (took

me for an Indian and they

wer mostly Indian Soldiers.

& also a Tram conducter of the

No 5 Tram.

Page 16

Sunday 11-11-29

Seven dial Market

Rain.  No Stalls of the Jews.  No trade.

Mile End Waist.

Italian chesnut seller’s.  There he

is the Black Bastard dowing a

white man.

Jews at MiddSex st the dog

aught to be well wased [washed?]. Come

here to do us out of a living.

I spoke to the Bed Booking

Clerk, to change my bed as it

is swamped with [unclear]

sleepers’ piss runing under

my bed, and wetting my bed

clothe’s & my cloths under the

bed. he said he would do

but paid no further notice

for the 5th time since June

he again dun me on the

weekley ticket (5d). Last 8d.

Page 17

Monday 12-11-29

Hasel St. Watney St. Wentworth St.

Mile End Waist. Light Rain

no sale.

Jew’s & Gentil’s united against

me.  These arab’s aught

to be killed.  I would only

there are so many

Black Bastard aught to

be washed.

274 Bed Piss for the last 3 nights

it run’s under my bed 264. & collects

at the head of the Bed 265. in

a pool, the floor is Soaked,&

Remains, no 251 Bed Piss

collect at the hed of my bed.

The smell of the Room is like

exhumed grave yard with the

addition of a piss [unclear] Pool

no amount of reporting does any


Page 18

Tuesday 13-11-29

Wells market.  The fish

stall, here he is.  The

Black Bastard, aught to

be sent away to his

country.  we got to keep

them.  Women to crying

children not off him.

The Jews in petticot [Petticoat] Lane

a shopkeeper (Forigner)

you black Beast. you

are the dirt (pointing

to the ground. Your type

should be killed.

had no sleep.  from drunken

noise & the smell of an

exhumed grave yard&

decomposed urinel

smell.  As I am a Black

man I could not get

Lodging even in common

Page 19

Wednesday 14-11-29

Stratford Angel lane

& about.

Sevear boycot Black

Beast by women these

forigners come to our

country & rob us of

our bread.

Man go to your Country

you Black Bastard

you Indians should be


& the Jews you [unclear] [unclear]

Arab.  I will kill you.

Wound’t serve me in

Fried Fish shop.

Salvation Bed Room

in drunken comotion

smells like exhumed

grave yard & a fermented

piss hole.  no rest.

Page 20

Thursday 15-11-29

Chatsworth Rd [prob in Hackney]

Stall Butcher & girl almost

asulted me the [unclear] of

women & men Hostiel but

the boy’s & girl’s against

me they pelted soft [mitels?]

at me. all because I

am a black man.

I stood at the corners of

the street near the

Butcher’s stall.

This was braught about

by a Jew stall Toy

stall on the street

[unclear] of the same [unclear]

a Jews Wentworth st

go to your country Bk B.

Go to India and Coat Rica [Costa Rica]

You come here to do us etc.


Page 21

Friday 16-11-29

Plaistoe [Plaistow]

market & Etc. as all over

England, Indians are

much hatted. and are

the only allien

especally by the Jews

The P.Cs Hunt all

Blacks as mad dogs

& twice so the Indians

on sight a black

man is gearead [jeered?]&

a every form of

Niggardly nature

adopted. he must

not realeat [retaliate]. all

most every man

has been Soljering

in India.

Page 22

Saturday 16-11-29

all day Rain.  Stood in a

Sheltered way with a view

to Trade.  But the moocher’s

arrived in number’s.

I closed up for they wer

making rain a good Ecuse

to beg of the passers, wearing

Servis Badges.

The moocher’s arrived arrived

latter at the Salvation army

Dining hall, drunk & flushed

with money Fighting&

cowerling amongest them

selves.  Much the same

in the Large Bed room

No sleep or rest for me.

The Jew’s are good

marked by the moocher’s

of the E.C. & goes well.

Page 23


Chalton St. St Pancras

much competion all round

me.  The sold out early

P.C. keeping a Keen watch

on me.  (Very Poor for me)

Wentworth Rd no good

Mile End waist did a littel

but did not take expences.

I was repetedly subjected

to much Insolent & boycot

started as usual by

the Jew’s stall holders.

at the arm

Salvation Army quarters

I was signeld [singeled] out for

by former Soldjes. abused

for being an Indians, or

an africans.

Page 24

Monday 18.11.29

about 5am I awok to find

white man (young) tuging

at my coat which was

over my head. I asked him

what is it. he answered

f--- you Bastard.&

when I jumped out of Bed&

told him he should not

go about calling me such

names. he denied. & another

white man as usual took his

part. (had I not awoke

he would have stolen my

coat.  as it was. I found

my hat under my bed, not

between the mattres, where I

placed. & one day I lost my


Fog. Wentworth Rd & about E.C. no good.

Page 25

Tuesday 19.11.29

In the Dining Hall while at Breakfast

the Staf & Irish Element roused

on me.  I have been in your country

& if we spoke as you do if English

I would be shot.  All becaus I

reffered to the Knife & Fork I get dirty

from the office on deposit of 2d

which wer unwased [unwashed].

Green St market. Wet.  Stall Holders

Boycoting (would be buyers)

Charley White. Black Bastard, the

Indian whore, Arab should be

killed.  Jews by Jew’s & Gentiels,

& Children following me & Booing

& Pelting. every Body amused.

I took a Buss, to escape.

about Mile end Wentworth St a Jew

Refered to me as Grand mufti

& that all Arab’s should be Killed.

Page 26

Wednesday 20.11.29

At Breakfast time I notice that

they wer preparing their [unclear] at up-

[unclear].  Green St Market&

about Mile end.  Drisley Rain.

I was hooted out of Sheltering

by Jew’s & kept up by Gentiels

I was refused a drink at a

pub. & hounded out of a coffee

Stall & geared out of a

restaurant by Soldiers that

been in India.  Where ever

these has been stationed I

am one of them.  I am subject

every conceat of this cowardly

murderer’s who murder there

Benefactors while at prayer

& Slaughter women & Children

as taught by Christian

Church and State.

Page 27

Thursday 21-11-29

Crisp Street market [poss near Hammersmith]

But the Peopel wer not

hostiel But Insolent familarity

by passer’s by.  Set moving

by Jew Shop & Stall Keeper’s

poor trade.

I was subjected to much

insolent from the Dinars

in an Italian kept

Restaurant.  They wer as

usualy banded against the

Black. As taught by the

Church & State.

274 Bed as usual pissed his

bed & my hat was had fallen

out of my bed&

was Soaked. becaus I [Paid/Baid]

Saw. the Whole of the Room

hounded me.

Page 28

Friday 22.11.29

Green man. market (Barking) [Green Man pub in Leytonstone]

Very very Slow, much

Insolent From stall Holders

Jews. Italian Irish.

Snow Ball.  Black Bastard

go to India some Arab

ought to be killed.

restaurant refused me food

referesment [refreshment] kept by an

Italian refused serve me

milk. becaus I was Black.

P.C. on duty kept a sharp

Watch & Hunted me from

place to place.

Coming Back. Irish Navvy

Blagarded me for becaus

I was an Indian. [Suez?]

cooley’s sure ca [Bulga?]

& other indian mode of cursing

of which I did not understand.

Page 29

Saturday 23.1.29

Rain. Drisley.

Watnet St market. much

hosiel jeering, & shiriking

by moocher’s & other

Loiterer’s.  Irish

cursing me Becaus I was

selling toys. Becaus I

deffended my self

by word of mout[h].

a Blackman is not a

Sow Succeled [suckled] Bog ridden

[Cur?].  A woman stall

holder, & other women

ratted me, Black Sod,

you aught to be killed

fancy allowing these

Indians to come her[e] an

take our Bread.

Page 30

Sunday 24.11-29

Broadway st market

London Marsh.

Not too wet. Some

Butcher’s obje[c]ted to

my sheltering under

their waning [awning]. & other

warning’s on my arival

some niggardly remark

would be passed&

so I kept moving in the

wet.  usual Hostiel

nature as every where

in England.

I called in at a pub

to get a drink of Beer

I was orderd out

at Yanchis chop house

at Aldgate. I was

Hounded by customers.

Page 31

Monday 25.1.29

Rain allmost all day.

Wentworth, Motegue

& about Mile end.

Moocher’s following

about when a purchaser

was about to buy a

Toy an Irish moocher

took his hat off & began

to tell a [tail?] of beg-

ing & the would be

purchaser hastly

went.  The moocher

after him.

I lost my spectacal

having to leave the

the room in order for

to prepar the Room

for the Salvation meeting

which is held in the

[dining?] room.

Page 32

Tuesday 26-11-29

Drisley rain all day Got wet

going about Trying to sell Toys

Aldgate, Mile End, Drum Street [near Aldgate East]

The usual hord of Irish insolent

that a working on the Road’s & [unclear]

Railway delivery Van’s on sight of

me they Blagard me & rais their

hand acros there throat, pointing

to me.  The passers are very

greatly amused.  They are the X

soldjers of India.

Black Bastard is common

call out.  In the Salvation Lodging all Becaus I am not white

or keep with their insolen[c]e

Page 33

Wednesday 27-11-29

Walsh st market. Fine day

Bad trad[e] 3 Whites surounding

me (Jews) & the women dare not

buy of a Blackman.

All day walking about Hakney

A Buss conducter refused me

getting in Because I am not White

again the same White cockney

hanger about the Streets called

out Black Bastard, another

white of his kind responded in

the maner as a joke ment to him

I was reading the newspaper to

look round to see who & why. For

I am the only Blackman. but

I said nothing.  how long can I

put up with there undeser[ve]d


Page 34

Thursday 28-11-29

Wet all day no Trade police

hunted me from sheltering

under the Hig[h] St Whitechapel

While Whites trading on the

pavement near by.

Now Nigar you get out or else

I put you where you want.

passers & the Trader’s very


I went to Tidal Baisons, [poss Tidal Basins Rd in North Woolwich] where

I was told of a room

to let by a blackman.

I knocked, admited the man

was out (white women) not me.

I am coughing mor than

from contenualy sleeping

on piss soaked mattress

at the Salvation Army Lodging

The Irish & Jew Irish a picking

on me.

Page 35

Friday 29-11-29

Watney St Drisley & Rain

all day, Mile end, oposite

London Hospital.  I was pelted

by a crowd of (6) young men

I tackeled one. He ran away

they expected me to follow

him up.

I heard 2 Police men young

say he is a snake, you

should be Killed, Black Bastard

would be 1/4 past 4.P.M.

Much Botheration from

Indian speaking Drunken

mootcher’s of the Irish

& Scotch Breed. at the

Salvation Armdy Lodgin

Page 36

Saturday 30/11/29

Roman Rd Wet between

poor trade no opposition

Jew’s wer given to shirikin

me. For an arab.

The other stall holders

suporting & the passer’s

ready to tare me to pices

P.C. Surleyly following

me up.

At the Salvation army

Lodging.  The Irish

element as usual, using

me. for there ends.

From this section onwards, Fernando has started writing from the back of the book.

of Dominian Ruil [rule].

d in Africa, under

the Pretenc[e] of a Black Republic

using Soviet Rusia as a

Choping Block.

Page 37

has been sucesfully


The Visit of Ramsy

MacDonald under

pretence peace, was

realey to explain the

British scheem of

Slaughtering Asiatics

& Subduing the Asiatic’s

in Sub Servile Slavery,

The British

Schum, Being recoganised

By the Amerecan’s as

the rest of Europe

England lost no time set

out her Slaughter

scheem.  By Lord Irvine’s

Proclamation in India.

Page 38

(as England did & dowing India)

destroyed China for the

Jews Capatalist.

2nd England under the

pretence of Jew’s Home

England is using the

Zionist movement for

to distroy the Native of

Palastine & the Jews that

England Hold Near

Europe, an [Emunation?]

Dump to threaten Europe

& Slaughter Asia.

3rd England’s scheem’s

of “Slaughtering civalised

unarmed nations

Asia, England

through the so called

Legue of Nations.

British Nation’s

Page 39

Humanity England as a proved

jailear from pass experienc[e]

& doubel so now

The British schum in

so called Holy land

Mohmed [Mohamed] cleared Jew’s [unclear]

& all alien’s

Under the war of the Cross

[pretence?] Christian’s & Jews

wer permited to live.

Since the War of the British

incited war. 1914

England Promised their [Empire?]

if the[y] would turn against the

Turks & Save England from

a Concoring [conquering] Germany.

for saving England from

her deserving Fate.

1st England sold arms to

different nationals in China

& set one against the other

Page 40

would keep me in

better & cleaner food

for more than two days

if cooked by me.

The Salvation Army

refused to cook the food

I baught. (on payment)

they even refused to

Heat some milk for me

when I was ill with

a very bad cold.

So I had not the oportunity

to put by something

as in other winters.

So England’s cultivated

Hellish Scheeming will

have me at it desires.

(Blacks to be [run?] prepaired)

Nationaly. Or Indivenduly

for to escape from this

Enemy of Black’s, & Bloodsucer

Page 41

I have serched for a

littel place for my-

self (as in Watney St)

All round London as

far as hammarsmith

& Woolich.  But failed

becaus I am Black.

The Door’s Wer Banged

when they saw my face.

So I am oblidged to stay

on at the Salvation Army

Social Hostel (as it is called)

But realy Drunked’s home

Scounderal’s Home&

Scamp’s Club.

The place is filthy&

very expenciv for the

food is cheap but not

nurishing.  eating

out is expenciv what

I spent in one meal

Page 42

Motto of the King & Church

train & incite its followers

in cowardly crime & Plunder

the young are encoraged in

crime & collected off the

crimanel dock.  For to

swell the army & Navey

& other assocerys of

murder & Plunder the Asia

& hum & beg for me[r]cey&

Protection, from ecqualy

armed nation’s.

And so duped Europe

readly stand’s aside from

Suffering Asiatics

pleading for Justice

And Europe itself readly

stand at the door step

of England. And Shiver

& Starve & Ready Snivel

at England’s bidding.

Page 43

Motto of the Salvation

Filth in adoration

Lice in profuison

Salvation armys adolation

The Salvation army

fleece the Rich in the

name of the poor.

In the name of the rich

Salvation army screw

down the poor&

Blagard the helpless poor.

Salvation army is

an unexhaustabel gold

mine for Generall Higgins

& his Scamps.

And curse to the poor

& the country.

Page 44

Salvation Army Common Lodging

is the drunkeds Harbour

Home of Scoundrels, Scamps Club

I have Serched all over London

for a room, even common

Loddgings refuse, becaus a


My Bed Stink as an unattended

urinel. And I have seen

& been sent on from one

to another.  But beyond [promises?]

not even would they change

my bed.  I am silly from the smell

I am subjected to British

Gun Boast from every one.

17/6/29 – 26/10/29

The food is not norishing

[unclear] cooked & served at the Bar

Servers pick out whom to

serve & white men 1st even

though I bee front on que.