Dr Mary Anne Jebb

Dr Mary Anne Jebb
Research themes: Culture and Heritage
Research Fellow.

Mary Anne Jebb joined AIATSIS in 2014 as a Research Fellow. She is a historian whose PhD integrated oral historical and ethnographic research methods with written documentary textual analysis to uncover histories of a region of Australia where few people recorded their experiences in writing. It was published as Blood, Sweat and Welfare in 2002, for which it received the Keith Hancock History Award.

Mary Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in history from Murdoch University, and a PhD in History from Murdoch University.

She has held academic lecturing and research positions at Murdoch University, Notre Dame (Fremantle), the University of Western Australia and the Australian National University, with many years living and working in remote regions of Western Australia. Her research creates contemporary historical recordings and products for preservation with AIATSIS, as well as drawing on AIATSIS heritage collections for collaborative history productions. She has a particular interest in concepts of curating your own history and evaluating the impacts of digital history technologies like sound recordings, film, photographs, exhibitions and web based archives on Indigenous peoples' histories.



  • 2012 Museums Australia Award for Best Australian Exhibition (MAGNA Award) (Curator) and Museums Australia Award for Best Permanent Exhibition (Curator) Burlganyja Wanggaya: 'Old People Talking'
  • 2009 Shortlisted for the Western Australia A Premiers Award, (Mowanjum).
  • 2009 Special Commendation Margaret Medcalfe Award (Mowanjum).
  • 2009 Janet Holmes a Court Residential Fellowship Manning Clark House.
  • 2004 WK Hancock History Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2003 Shortlisted New South Wales Premier's History Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literature Award (non-fiction award  — Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Book Award (Nettie Palmer Prize — Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2002 Shortlisted for the Western Australian Premier's Book Award (Blood Sweat and Welfare).
  • 2001 Australian History Association Centenary of Federation Publication Award.
  • 2000 Western Australian History Foundation Publication Award.
  • 1996 Shortlisted for the West Australian Premier's Award (Emerarra)


  • Jebb, M.A., with Malcolm Allbrook 2017 (in press) Carlotta’s Perth: memories of a colonial childhood, City of Perth.
  • Jebb, M.A., with Malcolm Allbrook 2017 (in press) Valda Blundell, Janet Oobagooma etal, Barddabardda Wodjenangorddee: We’re Telling You, Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation, (Fremantle Press Print).
  • Jebb, M.A., Editor with Ann McGrath 2015  Long History Deep Time; Deepening Histories of Place, Aboriginal History Monograph Series, ANU Press, Canberra. 
  • Jebb, M.A., 2008 Mowanjum 50 Years: A Community History, Mowanjum Aboriginal Community.
  • Jebb, M.A., 2002 Blood, Sweat and Welfare: A History of White Bosses and Aboriginal Workers, UWA Press.
  • Jebb, M.A., 1996 Editor, Emerarra: A Man of Merarra, Magabala Books, Broome.