Dr Doug Marmion

Dr Doug Marmion
Research Fellow, Indigenous Culture and Heritage

Doug taught for three years at Yirara College in Alice Springs, followed by three years as Adult Educator at Walungurru (also known as Kintore), in the Gibson Desert west of Alice Springs. While in Central Australia he began learning the Western Desert Language and studying linguistics, eventually taking up the position of Senior Linguist at the Yamaji Language Centre in Geraldton, WA. In his eight years in this position he worked with speakers of various languages of the Murchison-Gascoyne region (including Wajarri, Badimaya, Nhanda, Malgana, Warriyangka, Ngarlawangka and Wanmala) to document those languages from the remaining speakers and develop materials and strategies to support their maintenance and revival. Doug completed a PhD in linguistics at the Australian National University with a description of Wutung, a complex, tonal Papuan language spoken on the north-west coast of Papua New Guinea. Doug spent several years working as a contract linguist, working on languages of the Pilbara and Goldfields regions of WA and retains an active interest in these languages and also in the Western Desert Language.

Doug joined AIATSIS in 2010 as the Linguistics Research Fellow. Doug’s primary research interests are the description, documentation and revitalisation of Indigenous Australian languages. He was a co-author of the ACARA National Curriculum document ‘Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages’. He is presently working with the Ngunawal community of Canberra on the revival of their language.