Cedric Hassing

02 62 46 1152

Cedric is an experienced solicitor advocate and legal researcher with twenty years’ experience in the Community Legal sector; commercial private practice and Indigenous Peoples and the Law matters including:  land and native title claims; litigation and advocacy; mediation and agreement making; decision making; program evaluation; corporate governance training; and alternative dispute resolution. He has practised across the general law as a litigation solicitor and legal consultant in: Native title; Constitutional and Administrative Law; Environmental law; Criminal defended matters; Family and domestic violence matters; Civil law & Anti- Discrimination law. He has taught and undertaken research for universities and acted as a researcher for the private research sector. Cedric is an experienced mediator and facilitator and conflict resolution lawyer with a research interest and specialisation in Indigenous Peoples and the Law. He has worked as a senior lawyer and legal consultant for native title representative bodies, commercial legal practice and for the community legal sector.

Cedric joined the AIATSIS Research team as a Legal Research Fellow in the Native Title Research Unit at AIATSIS in March 2017. He hopes to contribute to the ethical, collaborative and constructive research that AIATSIS undertakes for the practical benefit of Indigenous Peoples and their land justice aspirations.

He is a solicitor member of the Law Society of New South Wales; a committee member of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights and a member of Touching Base.

Current research focus: Decision making and conflict resolution; Intergenerational trauma and Aboriginal political communities; Governance & Native title corporations; Compensation and native title:  The Law of Minorities; Jurisprudence & Race theory.