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Born a Half Caste

​Author: Marnie Kennedy

Marnie Kennedy was born on the banks of the Coppermine Creek in western Queensland in 1919. Marnie tells of her journey to Palm Island where she grew up ‘under the Act’ which dominated the lives of Aboriginal people in that state. The book includes lively descriptions of her hard working life on cattle stations throughout the north and the people she encountered there.

Somebody Now: The autobiography of Ellie Gaffney, a woman of the Torres Strait

Author: Ellie Gaffney

Ellie Gaffney’s thirst for knowledge, her determination to succeed and her desire to help her people, shine through these pages as she tells the story of her life and the lives of those she touched. The first identified Torres Strait Islander to become a qualified nursing sister, Ellie encountered discrimination from many quarters. In later years Ellie was involved in setting up the Torres Strait Islander Media Association and the first radio broadcasting studio on Thursday Island.

Scholar and Sceptic Australian Aboriginal Studies in Honour of LR Hiatt

Authors:  Francesca Merlan, John Morton, Alan Rumsey

​This volume celebrates the life and work of one of Australia’s foremost anthropologists, LR Hiatt. Hiatt sought to bring the study of Aboriginal societies to the attention of both the academic world and the wider public. A scholar of Aboriginal societies, Les Hiatt is a sceptic regarding all forms of received wisdom, whether in academic anthropology or in Aboriginal affairs.

Last reviewed: 12 Jun 2015