Getting published


Considering submitting a manuscript?

We pride ourselves on ethical publishing that provides readers with a rich understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ histories and cultures. We accept scholarly and general manuscripts for publishing. If you are unsure whether your work may be of interest to us you can have a look at our range of titles on our Products pages.

We occasionally publish theses, but only when the author has rewritten their work into book form.

Any research undertaken to produce academic works must comply with AIATSIS’ ethical research framework as set out in the Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (PDF 462KB).

Rewriting your thesis

Turning your thesis into a book is an exciting and ambitious undertaking, so you will need to be prepared for the large amount of work ahead. We are committed to publishing academic manuscripts in Indigenous studies, although the reality is that very few theses are published without considerable rewriting. This is a worldwide phenomenon, not just an Australian one. It’s due mostly to high costs of print production along with low sales.

To help you get started we've prepared a guide to assist you along the way, Reworking your thesis for book publication.

Our assessment process

There are several steps involved in our assessment process. When you send your manuscript to us you will receive a receipt to acknowledge that we have received it. You will also be kept informed during each stage of the process.

Initially, your manuscripts will be read by our ASP staff, who have an eye for identifying manuscripts that can be developed into a text that fits our list and interests a range of readers. If appropriate, ASP staff will then provide your manuscript to appropriately qualified peer assessors.

Our peer assessors are subject or discipline specialists and/or writing specialists. They will provide a report to our Publishing Advisory Committee (PAC).

The PAC is an independent advisory group that reports to the AIATSIS Principal. PAC members have diverse skills, including academic credentials, knowledge of Indigenous communities and languages, and writing and publishing expertise. The PAC evaluates all the manuscripts that have been submitted and assessed, and it provides advice to the Principal. Authors are advised of the Principal’s publishing decision following the PAC meeting. There are 2–3 PAC meetings a year, depending on demand. If your manuscript is going before the PAC, you will be advised when the next meeting is scheduled. View the current PAC members list.

During this process ASP may, but is not obliged to, offer development advice or suggest alternative avenues for possible publication.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, ASP staff will contact you to discuss a publishing contract. You will be kept informed throughout the process up until your book is published.

If you are unsuccessful your manuscript will be returned, but only if you supply appropriate packaging and return postage.

How to submit your manuscript

To submit your manuscript you will need to send both a soft and hardcopy of your manuscript. Please also complete and send us:

Preparing your manuscript for publication

All manuscripts accepted for publication will be read carefully and edited. To assist us with this process please use:

  • A4 white paper
  • single-sided printing
  • a legible font and size (12pt Times New Roman is ideal)
  • double-spaced formatting
  • the ASP Publishing Style Guide for Authors and Editors (PDF, 5MB) for style decisions. This guide has been produced to help you understand the publishing process, the way we work at ASP and what is required of you, the author.


If you include illustrations such as photographs, maps and graphs please attach quality photocopies only. Do not send originals at this stage. If your manuscript is accepted for publication and you have used copyright material belonging to other people you will have to seek permission to include that material. See Permissions for information.

Where to send your proposal and manuscript

Email your proposal and manuscript to

Send your hardcopy proposal and manuscript to:

Director, Aboriginal Studies Press
GPO Box 553
Canberra ACT 2601

Information for Indigenous authors

To assist you with the process of writing and seeking publication we have an Information Kit for Indigenous Authors (PDF, 5MB). The kit provides detailed information on our assessment process, our timelines and more general information about contracts, rights and royalties.

You may also consider other Indigenous publishers such as:

Visit their websites for up-to-date information on the kinds of manuscripts they accept. Few publishers have the resources to pay for authors to develop their ideas into manuscripts.

More information

  • Read about copyright issues for Indigenous stories, in Who Owns Story?
  • For more information about permissions, ordering or our services please contact us.
Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2019