Copyright permissions

Permission to use ASP and AIATSIS copyright material

This information is for all ASP and AIATSIS copyright material excluding the AIATSIS map of Aboriginal Australia. Please see below for information about use of the map.

When you use copyright material such as photos, text poems and recordings, you need to seek permission, acknowledge the copyright and pay any associated reproduction fees. To assist you with this process we have the following resources available:

Email your completed form to ASP Permissions

If you intend to reproduce material published by a publisher other than ASP, you must contact that publisher for permission. They may have their own forms for you to complete; check their website.

Permission to use the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia

About the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia

The AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia attempts to represent all the language and tribal or nation groups of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The printed map is available in three sizes - A0, A1 and A3. It is double-sided; the back of the map includes a list of groups and regions, with alternative spellings.

Using the map

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) allows print and digital reproduction of the AIATSIS map; however, we ask that you follow our conditions and timeframes for use. You will need to seek permission each time you use the map in a different form. For example, if you have permission to use the map in a presentation and decide you would like to publish it on your website you will need to seek permission for this additional use. Permission will be granted to the applicant only and cannot be shared with other parties.

Some fees and conditions apply. Fees will depend on:

  • how you intend to use the map
  • the size of the audience who will view the map
  • the length of time the map will be available.

Our restrictions

To maintain the quality and contextual information of the map please be aware of our restrictions. We do not allow:

  • reproduction of parts of the map, e.g. by state or other boundary
  • changes to colours or text
  • overlaying or geospatial mapping
  • reproduction in loose leaf publications* (only limited reproduction is allowed in book form)
  • removal of the contextual information
  • reproduction for merchandising, e.g. puzzles or beer mats
  • reproduction for use in training. We sell the map in two sizes, and offer generous discounts for bulk orders of the map and other training materials. 

When reproducing the map you will be required to include our disclaimer and acknowledgment either alongside or beneath the map. We will provide you with the acknowledgment and disclaimer, which is several sentences in length.

ASP may refuse permission to reproduce the map in print in order to ensure the high production values of the original are not compromised. Note that because the map is a large-scale print publication, reproducing it at a small scale means that much of the information will not be legible. In addition, the map is produced as a high-quality printed product and ASP will need to assure itself that any print reproduction undertaken will produce a high-quality product.

Requesting permission to use the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia

To request permission to use the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia you will need to submit an online permission request and provide us with the following information:

  • where and how the map will be used
  • the size of the reproduction, e.g. if the map is printed in a textbook you will need to let us know the size of the print run and the retail price of the publication
  • the audience and its potential size
  • the information surrounding the map.

Request permission

Note that generally we won’t require a final sign-off by ASP prior to publication.

We respond to most requests within five working days. After we receive your agreement to the fees and conditions we will invoice you. We accept payment over the phone by credit card.

Upon receipt of payment we will provide written permission to use the map, guidelines for how it is to be used and the map file. We can provide map files in low or high resolution, colour and/or black and white.

Note: the map remains copyright to AIATSIS. We will not provide the underlying GIS data.

To purchase high-quality bulk copies of the map, contact ASP.

Licence timeframe

The length of time a licence is granted depends on the publication. A licence for the map is generally 1–2 years for a website or a first edition of a textbook. Longer licence timeframes can be negotiated. To extend the timeframe of your original licence you will need to contact us.

Last reviewed: 9 Jul 2020